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    Exclamation [FAQ] Read Before Posting: Learn To Make A Hack + Error Fixes

    There are many users here who want to learn how to make their own Combat Arms Hacks. Some of you also have some basic and common errors you do not know how to solve. This thread is compiled with information for both of those.

    I Want To Make Hacks:

    This question is repeatedly asked. There is a simple solution to this. All it requires is some common sense, general knowledge, time, effort, patience and some mathematical skills. Follow the steps to create your own hacks.

    1. Learn C++ - Hacks are generally coded in this language. You can get a book, download, use video tutorials or use a website. You can use Learn C++
    2. Explore Some Windows API's - This will help you understand some more fundementals which will aid you to create your hacks and any further development
    3. Memory - Learn how memory works and how it is managed by Windows
    4. Bases - Start with a simple hotkey base and work up to learning some D3D and using a menu base.
    5. Learn Assembly - Assembly is something that you should look at after a while in the field. It will greatly assist you along the lines.
    6. Reverse Engineering - This is something that will help you update your hacks and explore further into the game. It will strongly aid you further along time.

    By following these guidelines you should easily be along your way to releasing your first hack.

    Needing Source Code:

    This section is NOT for begging. You will NOT be handed any source code just like that. This has some exceptions, such as information on little things or snippets of source. The likeliness of being handed complete source is low, so do not expect it based on your problem.

    Hack Has Lag:

    ​Hack lag is usually caused by rendering certain items every frame. A key factor that plays into this is PushToConsole commands. It is recommended to call them all inside of a timer, or to only push the command once. This greatly reduces lag in your hacks.

    Hack Lags

    My Hack Crashes:

    Make sure you double check all your addresses that you are using. Make sure they are correct. If you crash with the ending banner, it means you crashed due to HackShield detection. Make sure all your strings are encrypted. It could possibly be the detours that you are using.

    Runtime Error Received:

    Runtime errors can be received due to invalid pointers/addresses or wrong offsets/classes. Make sure you double check them all. It can also be caused by simple logic errors in your hack.

    Runtime Error

    Cannot Include D3D9.h:

    Follow this tutorial to include it into your project.

    Include D3D9.h

    Updating Hacks:

    To update your hacks you will most likely only have to update the addresses. They are usually posted in the Source Code section for everyone to use. However, to update them on your own you can Dump the game's modules and search for some patterns.

    Dumping Engine

    Dump Combat Arms Modules

    Finding LTClient

    Create Working Signatures

    Gellin's Address Logger (Modified By USSR)

    Other Information:

    Previous Global Help Thread

    Additional information can be posted upon request or based on further questions asked.
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    Thanks for the well-detailed information Flengo.
    This will help out the members who really are interested into making their first hack.

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