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    dear fuckers <3

    you've supplied me with plenty of dank hacks over the years to fuel many drunken 5 man queues. sure you were the reason i got banned from black ops 1, csgo, and csgo again, but at least i got to have fun doing it without paying for hacks like a total fucking pleb.

    i kid, i kid. but seriously. i always lurked on here, but lately ive been back on my neet shit and online most of the time, so i figured why not come chill here? so far i have been motivated to "code" (i use that word loosely) my own AHK multiscript. i might have copy pasted most of it, but i'm starting to learn a bit just from tweaking with shit and trying to shorten code.

    long story short thanks based mpgh god based lord will bless you in the afterlife

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