Hey, first off i would like to thank dave/arun and all the other site admins/minions for running such a awesome site

I am posting this thread to propose a new subforum..

'Video Editing'

I am aware of a subforum in a subforum

Forum/Sharing/VideoSharing/VideoEdting. <- yes spelled like that.

But i think there should be a subforum in the art section for video editing

Video sharing is more of a place where you can share what you do and what you see with the community

Video editing is a art, and it would be cool for someone to at least consider putting a section for video editing in the art section because it would be quite a cool place for members to interact with tutorials/tips/ and also a place for help and whatnot..

It would be quite an active forum, i presume.. since video editing is quite an active subject in the intahwebs. haha

Well anyways if there IS a video editing forum other than the one i mentioned in the video sharing forum then let me know.. because i am pretty dumb..

Anyways thanks and someone consider this !