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    Dear MPGH

    Dear MPGH, Bobo and camel moe

    Some of you may not know me, others will cower in fear upon realization of my return.
    But daddy's still here, always watching.. waiting... stalking...

    Fighting for the freedom of Brits on this website was a long a futile task, but then again most 'merican's are too stupid to even know when they're beat..

    Good new is after throwing myself into a new career I've lost alot of my e-rage, both through lack of time and
    Genuinely no longer giving a fuck, By no means is this a surrender im just getting
    2 old for this shit, but its nice to see this site still assfucking itself on repeat
    Giving credit where credits due davrun succeed in creating internet aids disguised as a
    Gaming forum.

    I'm still your daddy
    Always gonna be yo daddy
    Can't escape my love

    ~ I assume one of the usual assfucks will terminate my account upon viewing, don't be a hater

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    Was gonna say "inb4ban" but I guess not.

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