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    Dear MPGH

    Wonderful site.. you can release your works, have fun, make friends, and learn new things. MPGH is on my desktop because it's the first thing I go on when I open my computer. I can be myself here. I'm close with a lot of cool people. I learnt a lot of things from my time on MPGH as well, and I still am learning lots of things. There are some jerks who keep their works to themselves and want money for it, then there is people who release awesome works for free. There are some jerks who also only talk in sarcasm to beginners/people trying to learn or ask questions. Those jerks think they can talk down to anyone trying to learn just because they can 'code' or 'hack' or just have been here longer on MPGH. Then there are the nice people who answer your questions and offer to even use TV or or something else to control your screen and help you! This community, full of greedy selfish coders who only release for money, and cool people who share their works, is still fun. I already released a private server in less than a month, and within 5 days of the server being up, got enough donations to upgrade to a VPS. Lots of fun people to cooperate with and I'd pick MPGH over any other game site any day.
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