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    Interactive Maps, 3D and Campaign Info

    Details about interactive maps in multiplayer, the game shipping with 3D support, and some new campaign information!

    First lets talk about interactive maps. Although we're about a week late here, it's better than never, eh?

    As CVG reports, Treyarch's Community Manager Josh Olin has been talking about how the new interactive maps will help spice up the game.

    What are interactive maps? As I'm sure you've all seen by now from the teaser trailer, the rocket lifting off on "Launch" is a perfect example of interactive maps.

    In the latest edition of Edge magazine Olin talks about how a number of the maps will have buttons to press which will open doors or to cue timed events (like the rocket).

    I don't think the community has fully grasped the importance of this. Take Launch, for example, where the rocket takes off. If you're under it you die, but one of the Search and Destroy bomb sites is under there, and there's a Demolition site under there too. You have to time your attacks based around when that rocket's going to go off - and you can use that to win the game. In CTF, I've practised with my team here at Treyarch to capture the enemy flag, take it down through that route at just the right time, so the rocket launches and the guys who are chasing me can't get under there and have to turn round. — Josh Olin
    But Launch isn't the only map to have interactive abilities, as Radiation is another example. In Radiation a set of blasts door can be opened and closed via a control panel on a nearby platform. Vahn touched on this interaction a few weeks ago .

    If you've captured that point, it might be valuable to send a couple of guys up there to take the control panel and close the doors. Now the only point of attack is down through the tunnels - so you know where they're going to come from, they can't jump in from above. It can really change how the battle plays out. — Josh Olin
    So there you have it. Interactive maps sound very intriguing and rather than just being a visual effect, you can use them for your own tactical advantage. This makes us even more excited to find out what other interactive surprises will be waiting for us in the other maps that will ship with the game in just over 30 days!

    Some New Campaign Information
    Please note that this information may contain some spoilers for the Single Player campaign. If you wish to avoid these possible spoilers then we recommend you to jump down below to read the rest of the article.

    On our forums picked up the newest issue of a gaming magazine called gamesTM and noticed a few new details on the campaign for Black Ops. Here's some of the information that he remembered and summarized for us:


    •In the second level, you discover the main plot of BO; Mason (the SOG operative you play as) is being interrogated in a dark room (as seen in the Teaser Trailer) lined with monitors. There's also a strange drug being fed into his bloodstream via needle. The entire game is based around Mason in this room having flashbacks to the various military operations he participated in.
    •In the first level named 'SOG', you find yourself in the thick of the jungle fighting VC. One section involves you crawling along trenches with enemy flamethrowers blazing overhead (similar to the scene in WAW where Reznov and Dimitri escape German flamethrowers in a collapsing building).
    •A scripted event later on in that level involves a VC soldier pulling the ring on several grenades hanging from his jacket in attempt to kill you. Later on, you save Woods in a slow-mo quicktime event in some manner.
    •You join up with Reznov at the end of the level 'The Defector'.
    •One level opens up with Mason and Hudson interrogating someone. When the enemy doesn't open up, Mason walks over to a window and (using the shoulder buttons on the controller) smashes it. He places a shard of the glass in the subject's mouth and proceeds to punch his jaw several times.
    •After the interrogation the NVA discover their positions, and Hudson and Mason escape onto the top of the surrounding buildings, where you have to jump from roof to roof.
    •One of the Vietnam levels is set in the city of Kowloon.
    •Revealed in the level 'Project Nova' is that the SOG's primary objective is to locate and destroy a new enemy biochemical weapon known as Nova6.
    3D Support

    Treyarch and Activision have just announced that Black Ops will be playable in stereoscopic 3D when the game launches this November. The game will be compatible with 3D-ready HDTVs and 3D PCs utilizing state-of the-art active shutter 3D glasses. The game can be played in both 3D and non-3D on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. 3D can be enabled and disabled by simply using the menu option in Single Player, Co-op or Multiplayer.

    More information is available. You can also watch a Gametrailers interview with Treyarch's Studio Head Mark Lamia below.

    To end us off, X360a have added the Black Ops achievements to their website but with the icons included instead of just the descriptions and gamerscore information. Only head over there if you do not mind a few spoilers.

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    This sounds like there is infinite possibility for griefing in this game. I can see all the annoying people blocking their team off thanks to these "Interactive maps"
    Texture Mods

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    I just read something i shouldnt.

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    Copy + paste..

    However.. post the whole thing here.. not a link to other site.


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