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    true. but i dont like quickscoping because i cant do it :S

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    Lol guys.. why u bitching at eachother about that qs does or doesnt suck...

    i can quickscope too (not pro but still, im able to do it)
    but its not that i qs everymap just to be cool and get the attention in killcams or shit...

    it's a game.. everyone payed for it (most of people i guess, when they play online)

    so arent they all allowed to decide for themselfs how they play? how they use the sniper? for qs or hs ?

    when im playing i dont really care what people think of the way i play, or the weapon i use... even if its a common "noob weapon" (tubes for example)
    i payed, i have the right to choose what i play with, how i play it..

    as last i wanna say, i really hate noob quickscopers who run into me or jump on me, miss their qs, i pwn them with anyother weapon then.. and then they call you noob-"name of weapon used"... z0mg
    Plz Thank me when i helped you!

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    Also, assasinate3d your IQ is bullshit. The highest IQ recorded is 228, and if you mean to tell me that you only fall 41 points behind that, and even 27 points higher than fucking Einstein, and yet you cant read a simple thread then you are dumber than I thought.

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