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    Complete Black ops Info (Perks,Guns, Achievements & More)


    THIS IS NOT MY THREAD, I take no credit for it, I didn't see any post like this
    also i got this of a place for XBOX so don't get confused when they talk about achievements, it's probably the exact same for PS3

    I also want to say that I do not take credit for the information as I am porting it from one forum to the next.

    The Search System!!!!!

    Too search what you want, press Ctrl+F and paste the PT and the number that's beside those letter and press and it will take you to the desired section

    Confirmed Answers-PT8923

    FAQ Section-PT92033934

    What we know so far-PT9029032798




    Perks(And how too get Pro) and Contracts-PT0909204821

    Gun Camo,Facepaint, and Zombie Info-PT92389010311

    Confirmed Locations, Allies/Enemies, and Equipment/Weapons-PT90239024123

    Confimed Answers to most commonly asked questions


    -Level cap is 50, Treyarch commented that getting to level 50 would be comparable in time as getting to 65 on WaW.
    -The co-op mode has not been revealed as of yet, zombies have not been confirmed nor denied.
    -Combat Training has it's own seperate rank and currency system seperate from the online multiplayer.
    -There is a grid layout on the map now for quicker and more efficient team conversation.
    -Outside of the gunship helicopter there will be no other controllable vehicles.
    -Gore and dismemberment have been confirmed to not be returning in multiplayer, but in favor were sacrificed for the high level of customization, Treyarch have commented that the gore will return in singleplayer however.
    -Split screen mode has been confirmed as a series first to allow players to have guests playing online.
    -It has been confirmed that map selection has changed in that instead of voting to skip maps there are 2 maps selected and voted on.
    -David Vonderhaar commented that the M203 will not be spammed as much anymore because Scavenger does not refill; most expensive attachment; can't be used with Warlord (aka Bling in MW2). He also noted that flak jacket would save you from most attacks.
    -War will not make a return in Black Ops, David Vonderhaar commented that unfortunately War was cut because it didn't play right for the Black Ops engine, it was only meant for larger maps, and it is the most complex and hardest game mode to set up due to design, script, map requirements, and more.
    -Treyarch has confirmed that modding for consoles will be close to impossible. This could mean their interface has undergone a major overhaul.
    -Black Ops developers can not only check leaderboards to ban hackers, but they can also check films for reported players, basically like checking clips in theater mode. If a player is reported and reviewed, developers can see if that player is cheating in any form.
    -The Leaning feature from previous CoD titles will be featured in Black Ops (Only for PC)
    -The Region Filter from MW2 will also be featured in Black Ops
    - Aim-Assist can be turned on/off
    -Treyarch has said there will be support for "the competitive community with great tools" implying there could be modes for tournaments and ladder/league gameplay
    -Split-screen online (a la Halo guests) will be included for the first time in the CoD franchise
    -Sub-machine guns in Black Ops will feature full-maneuverability speed while running and/or aiming down sights. Example: if you have an SMG equipped, you can now check corners of rooms with your sights up as fast as you would if you were to run through the door. This can work both with and against you, but it's interesting to see this change in the franchise.
    -David Vonderhaar confirmed via twitter that SoH Pro will not affect ADS (aim down sight) for sniper rifles.
    -Flak jacket has been confirmed to survive every type of explosive attack except for being stuck, or being hit with the crossbows explosive dart.
    -David Vonderhaar has confirmed there will be no killstreaks but the UAV may be on, depending on the wager match mode, the radar will light up with enemies. It's used from everything to reduce camping to showing the leader so you can chase him down.
    -It has been confirmed that to unlock the "Classified" weapons, you must first buy all of the weapons in that category
    -David Vonderhaar commented that "All purchased emblem images, backgrounds, and layers remain through Prestige. One of the few things that does."
    -David Vonderhaar confirmed that treyarch will now keep track of people that do not finish games they start, and will be punished to some extent.
    -it has been confirmed that there will be 14 maps in Black Ops
    -The issue of swapping weapons at objective sights has been fixed, it has been announced that objectives will now take complete precedent over weapon changes.
    -In an interview Olin stated that fans haven't fully grasped the importance of the interactive maps yet, and that using the interactive portions strategically can greatly help a team in winning the match.
    -It has been confirmed that the co-op mode featured along side of combat training is the returning zombie mode.
    -Theater mode will allow you to connect up to 10 segments for a clip
    -Combat training allows up to 11 online players against 1 A.I if so chosen
    -Each Wager match takes place under “confined” versions of the 14 standard Multiplayer maps, and the Lobby has the option to double down the bet’s between rounds
    -The total COD points you get from a match is 10% rounded up of your total EXP (match bonus included). You also accumulate COD points for leveling up. It has also been noted that the higher level you are the more money you are going to earn.
    -Gold camo is confirmed to be making a return. It is unlockable by obtaining 14th level prestige.
    -David Vonderhaar confirmed via twitter that the max prestige level is not 10. We have seen that there are atleast 14 prestige levels, but no exact number has been given.
    -It has been confirmed that atleast one zombie map will be available from the get go, it is unclear at this time how many will be available however.
    -Party chat is now open for most game modes, it will however remain off in game modes such as search and destroy where it could be exploited.
    -The variable powered scope has been confirmed to have 3 adjustable zoom levels controlled by the thumb stick when equipped on a sniper rifle.
    -After prestiging, it has been confirmed that you will lose any accumulated XP or cP.
    -It has been confirmed that pro perks have to be unlocked by doing certain challenges for each perk as well as being purchased once unlocked. This leaves it up to the discretion of the player as to unlock the pro perk or not.
    -David Vonderhaar commented that sound fx, music, voice, and master volume are all able to be changed.
    -The cz-75 has been confirmed to have an attachment to make it full auto.
    -The game winning kill cam is said to be making a return, however it is now possible to get a "final kill cam" even if the game mode does not end due to a kill.
    -Clan tags can now be customized with color, much like WaW however you no longer must use the color as your tag, you now have the ability to switch colors by selecting them whenever you unlock the ability to.
    -It has been confirmed that there will be 15 levels of prestige instead of the previous 10 levels.
    -It has been confirmed with the new cod points system you can sell back weapons and accessories if you may like.
    -Black Ops will have a new in game friends list alongside of traditional friends list; this will make it easier to follow and track fellow players.
    -Dead Ops has been revealed to be a small arcade minigame accessible by a "secet" terminal in the menu section, the gameplay can be described as a top down view iteration of the popular zombie co-op mode.



    Q: Will there be/Is there a beta?
    A: No, unfortunately there will be no public beta. Treyarch has confirmed that they are only doing an internal beta for Activision/Treyarch employees and guests, and this beta is now over as the game is ready for release on the 9th.

    Q: Can I buy any gun off the bat, so long as I have the COD points to purchase it?
    A: No, you still have to obtain a certain level to unlock certain weapons, except now if it is a weapon you do not like you can save your points and skip over it and use the points to unlock other things you may want.

    Q: Is there going to be nazi zombies or some other kind of zombies?
    A: It has been confirmed that zombies will be returning in black ops.

    Q: Can I play online with a friend using the same xbox?
    A: Yes, Treyarch has confirmed that splitscreen mode is now available for online play

    Q: Will there be quickscoping in the new BOps?
    A: At this time it is unknown as it has been confirmed that Treyarch will be actively trying to nerf the ability to quickscope. The effects have yet to be seen of this change.

    Q: I see that tactical insertion is back, does that mean that boosting in FFA will continue?
    A: No, Treyarch commented that you will not be able to use the tactical insert while in FFA.

    Q: I'm not sure I want to play this game online because the M203 is back, has it been balanced?
    A: From the way that we have been hearing it, yes the M203 has been balanced. You can no longer use scavenger to replenish ammo, it is the most expensive attachment, and Warlord/Bling cannot be used with the M203.

    Q: When you buy something, do you keep it forever or do you have to keep buying for every class and every time you want to equip it?
    A: When you purchase something weapon related or perk related they are now open for all classes to use, however weapon accessories are weapon specific so if you buy a red dot sight with custom reticle you must buy that for every weapon that you want it on.

    Q: I heard that War is not going to return in Black Ops, why is this?
    A: Unfortunately no, war is not returning. David Vonderhaar commented that the overly complex game mode will not be making a return because during testing they didn't feel that it worked for the new game. He also stated that it was the most complex game mode they have ever done and was only meant for large maps.

    Q: I heard there were a few of the more common perks cut from the game, which ones were cut?
    A: Stopping Power, Commando, Juggernaut, and One Man Army have been confirmed to NOT be making a return in Black Ops.

    Q: I really liked to quickscope in MW2, and Sleight of Hand pro greatly assisted it, will this be returning?
    A: Unfortunately David Vonderhaar confirmed via twitter that SOH pro will not affect sniper rifles.



    * Vehicles will return, but they will be very different than those in Call of Duty: World at War.
    * Co-Op is going to be four-player online stand-alone – a unique experience to the single-player. It also supports two-player split-screen.
    * There is going to be a "Barebones" playlist which removes things like perks, attachments, killstreaks, etc.
    * Treyarch has confirmed there will be no public beta, only an internal for Activision/Treyarch employees.
    * Matchmaking is being changed so that it is easier for friends to play together.
    * Some campaign levels will be based off of multiplayer maps instead of the typical vice-versa. This is because some multiplayer maps were made before the campaign was finalized.
    * Create-a-Class 2.0
    * Host migration from MW2 will be included.
    * Improved Server browser.
    * PC version will have the VAC anti-cheat program.
    * The customized killstreaks will return, but the game-ending Tactical Nuke will not. Kills earned from killstreak rewards will not count towards increasing a player's killstreak.
    * The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 perk 'Commando' is not expected to return.
    * The PC version of the game will feature dedicated servers.
    * Gun & Emblem customization (324 to choose from). You can etch your clan tag on the back of your gun, shape your sight and even change the color of the sight. You can do the same with your emblem.
    * Players now have the ability to "dolphin dive".
    * A new theater mode has been implemented and you can use a lot of features such as managing segments, adding transitions and even uploading your clip.
    * There is now cP or Call of Duty points. You earn these as well as XP as you play and rank up in Blackops multi-player. In BO, you'll be able to purchase guns, attachments, camos, etc after you've reached the required level.
    * Dual Wielding will make it's return.
    * Combat Training Mode allows for new players to get acquainted with online play vs'ing Bots. It has a totally separate ranking system from regular MP.
    * You can buy "contracts" (which are timed challenges) with your CP to earn even more CP with better rewards for more difficult contracts.
    * Pro Perks have made their return.
    * You can now create custom game modes.
    * Perk in Slot 1 will effect how your character looks.
    * Max level is 50 and there is a Prestige Mode.
    * New Game Mode called "Wager Match" which contains 4 FFA playlists in which you can bet your CP against other players with the top 3 scorers being "In the Money" and the rest gaining 0. Playlists as follows:

    - One in the Chamber: Everyone spawns with a pistol with 1 bullet and 3 lives. If you get a kill, you take your enemies bullet and can keep shooting. If you miss, you then have to use a knife.

    - Sticks and Stones: Everyone spawns with a Crossbow, Ballistic Knife and Tomahawk. The catch in this gametype is if you are hit by a Tomahawk, you are bankrupted. UAV will be on constantly, players will show up as red blips to reduce camping and first place will show up in gold

    - Gun Game: Everyone starts with a pistol and with every kill, your weapon will progress to the next level. The first player who progresses through all the weapons wins the Gun Game. Look out though, if you are knifed, you are knocked down a level.

    - Shapshooter - Everyone will spawn with the same randomly selected weapon. You used that gun for a fixed amount of time and only that time and then everyone will get switched out to the next weapon. With each kill, you will earn a perk and eventually a scoring multiplier.

    - Prestige and Harden edition include the following: Black Ops avatar, Black Ops medal, limited edition case, 4 original WaW zombie maps, and RC car*

    *only included on Prestige.



    * 3 – Spy Plane - Shows enemy on mini-map (can be shot down).
    * 3 – RC XD - Remote control car strapped with explosives (unlimited time and detonate yourself).
    * 4 – Counter Spy Plane $1600 - Temporarily disables enemy mini-map.
    * 4 – Sam Turret $1600 - Airdrop a place-able SAM turret that destroys enemy aircraft.
    * 5 – Care Package - Airdrop a random killstreak or ammo crate.
    * 5 – Napalm Strike - Airstrike that covers an area in Napalm.
    * 6 – Sentry Gun $3200 - Airdrop a place-able Sentry gun.
    * 6 – Mortar Team - Target 3 locations to bombard with Mortar strikes.
    * 7 – Attack Helicopter - Call in a support Helicopter.
    * 7 – Valkyrie Rockets $4000 - Launcher with remote controlled rockets.
    * 8 – BlackBird $4500 - Shows both enemy position and direction on the mini-map. Cannot be shot down.
    * 8 – Rolling Thunder $4500 - Carpet bombing airstrike.
    * 9 - Chopper Gunner $5000 - Be the gunner of an attack helicopter.
    * 11 – Attack Dogs $6000 - Attack dogs that hunt the enemy down.
    * 11 - Gunship $6000 - Pilot an attack helicopter.



    Some game types could be work in progresses or discontinued but the code was left in the game.

    * Free-for-All

    * Team Deathmatch

    * Search and Destroy

    * Domination

    * World Domination

    * Sabotage

    * Capture the Flag

    * Headquarters

    * War?

    * RC Car Race

    * Demolition

    * Flag Rush

    * Waypoint Flag Rush

    * Rock, Paper, Scissors?

    Wager Matches

    * One in the Chamber

    * Sticks and Stones

    * Gun Game

    * Sharpshooter


    * Bones TDM - 12 Player Max. No Killstreaks, Attachments, Perks, or Contracts
    * Classic TDM - 12 Player Max. No Attachments, Perks, or Contracts. Killstreaks are 3/5/7


    * Unknown - Only for players that have prestiged.

    Wager Match

    -Gun Game
    -Sticks and Stones
    -One in the Chamber

    Ante Up - Small bet games, friends can play together

    Weekend Gambler - mid tier betting, has been likened to hitting vegas for a weekend, thus the name

    High Roller - High bets.

    Scoreboard Information

    - Lobby leaderboard and game mode specific leader boards return.

    - Leaderboards are now sorted on Score per minute averages (which will reward objective mode players better for taking objectives and not just getting kills).

    - Game mode objective show Score per minute followed by key game mode stats. For example, in Search and Destroy it’s Plants, Defuse, and Defends.

    - There are also weekly, monthly, and all time variants, each with a minimum game played (5, 25, and 50, respective) requirements to be listed on the board.

    - It’s the most aggressive leaderboard effort to date in a COD game



    Snow covered landscape.
    Size: Large

    Streets of Vietnam.
    Size: Large

    Cuban base.
    Size: Medium

    Firing Range
    Military practice facility.
    Size: Small

    Russian power grid.
    Size: Medium

    NVA prison camp.
    Size: Medium

    Cuban city.
    Size: Medium

    Jungle warfare.
    Size: Large

    Huge space launch facility.
    Size: Medium

    Nuclear testing grounds.
    Size: Small

    Fully operating plant.
    Size: Medium

    Research facility on a snowy mountain.
    Size: Medium

    Urban estate.
    Size: Medium

    An old Soviet base.
    Size: Medium

    Credits to Don Diablo for this vid



    Tier 1

    * Lightweight: This allows you to move faster, but how fast depends on the weapons mobility.
    Pro: No fall damage
    * Scavenger: Pick up ammo from fallen enemies. Replenish lethal grenades.
    Pro: Start With Extra mags. Replenish tactical grenades
    * Ghost: Undetectable by the spy plane and Blackbird.
    Pro: Undetectable by aircraft, IR, and sentries. No red crosshair or name when targeted.
    * Flak Jacket: Reduces explosive damage.
    Pro: Immune to fire damage and allows you to safely toss back frag grenades.
    * Hardline: Killstreaks require 1 less kill.
    Pro: Change the contents of a Care Package.

    Tier 2

    * Hardened: This gives your weapon increased bullet penetration. Works just like the FMJ attachment from Modern Warfare 2.
    Pro: Bullets do extra damage to aircraft and turrets. Reduced flinch when you are shot.
    * Scout: Increases the time you can steady a weapons scope. This is very useful with sniper rifles.
    Pro: Faster Weapon Switching
    * Steady Aim: Significantly increases hip fire accuracy. This should be used with the Dual Wield attachment, since Dual Wield prevents you from aiming down on the sights.
    Pro: Quicker aiming after sprinting and quicker recovery from knife lunge.
    * Sleight of Hand: Cuts the weapons reload time in half. This should be familiar to Call of Duty veterans. Useful with light machine guns since they have long reload times.
    Pro: Faster aiming down sights with non-scoped weapons.
    * Warlord: Bling returns from Modern Warfare 2 with a new name. This allows you to equip 2 attachments to your primary weapon.
    Pro: Start with 1 extra lethal and tactical grenade (except smoke)

    Tier 3

    * Marathon: Extends your sprint time. Marathon does not increase sprint speed or give you unlimited sprint.
    Pro: Unlimited Sprint
    * Ninja: Makes your footsteps silent, thus giving you a powerful stealth advantage.
    Pro: Louder Enemies and you're completely silent.
    * Second Chance: Allows you to survive a normal death. You will drop to the ground and pull out your handgun. Second Chance ends after 10 seconds or if you take a single hit from the enemy, and in both cases, you will die.
    Pro: Survive longer, and any teammate can revive you.
    * Hacker: This works like SitRep from Modern Warfare 2. Hacker allows you to detect enemy explosives and equipment like Tactical Insertions, Camera Spikes, Jammers, etc.
    Pro: Can sabotage enemy equipment, turrets, and crates. Invisible to motion sensors.Claymores, SAM Turrets, etc.
    * Tactical Mask: Significantly reduces the effects of flashbangs and concussion grenades.
    Pro: Reduces the effects of the flash and concussion grenades. Reveals the position of a flashed or stunned enemy.


    Lightweight Challenges:
    Escape death 5 times after being shot
    Get 15 melee kills
    Get 10 offense medals by killing ops near their objectives

    Scavenger Challenges:
    Get 2 kills without dying
    Get 10 lethal grenade kills with resupplied grenades
    Resupply 150 times with scavenger

    Ghost Challenges:
    Destroy 30 aircraft without killstreaks
    Destroy 5 sentry guns
    Kill 20 enemies while their spy plane or blackbird is up

    Flak Jacket:
    Plant/defuse 10 bombs in demolition
    Survive 10 explosions
    Throw back 5 enemy grenades

    Earn and call in attack dogs
    Get a 7 killstreak
    Share 10 care packages with teammates

    Get 30 kills through walls
    Destroy 10 pieces of enemy equipment through walls
    Shoot 200 bullets into enemy aircraft

    Get 30 headshots
    Get 50 one shot one kills
    Get 50 kills with secondary weapons

    Steady Aim:
    Get 150 hip-fire kills
    Melee 2 enemies consecutively 3 times
    Get 100 kills after sprinting

    Sleight of Hand:
    Get 150 kills while ADS
    Reload and finish off the enemy you wounded 10 times (shoot, reload, kill X10)
    Kill an enemy within 5 seconds of reloading 30 times

    Get 25 frag or semtex kills
    Get 5 multi-kills with grenades
    Get 150 kills using guns with two attachments

    Capture 15 flags
    Get first blood 10 times
    Run 26 miles using marathon

    Get 15 backstabber medals
    Plant the bomb in search and destroy 10 times
    Get 150 kills using the suppressor attachment

    Second Chance:
    Get 3 headshot kills in second chance
    Get 20 kills in second chance
    In second chance, kill the guy who downed you 5 times

    Destroy 25 equipment or explosives using hacker
    Kill an enemy with claymores or c4 25 times
    Kill 25 enemies within jammer or motion sensor radius

    Tactical Mask:
    Kill 20 enemies that are stunned by your concussion grenade
    Kill 20 flashbanged enemies by your flashbang
    Kill 20 enemies poisoned by your nova gas


    -These contracts are not to be seen as a set in stone list nor does it list every contract, these are examples of contracts that we have seen as the contracts in the final game revolve and are changed on a schedule.

    Mercenary Contracts

    * G11 Cruelty: Earn 25 kills with the G11 | Expiration: 40mins of time alive in the game.
    * Combat Gunsight: Earn 25 kills with the ACOG attachment | Expiration: 40mins of time alive in the game.
    * G11 Ferocity: Earn 50 kills with the G11 | Expiration: 40mins of time alive in the game.
    * Advanced Gunsight: Earn 50 kills with the ACOG attachment | Expiration: 40mins of time alive in the game.
    * King of the SMG - Get 5 kills using a sub-machine gun without dying | Expiration: 40mins of time alive in the game.
    * G11 Brutality
    * Gunship Authorized

    Operations Contracts

    * Demolition Victor: Win 2 games of Demolition | Expiration: 45mins of time alive in the game.
    * Hardcore TDM Victor: Win 2 games of Hardcore TDM | Expiration: 45mins of time alive in the game.
    * S&D Blood Bath: Get 3 kills in one round of S&D | Expiration: 40mins of time alive in the game.
    * Demolition Fury: Get 14 kills in Demolition | Expiration: 40mins of time alive in the game.
    * CTF Hurricane: Capture 5 flags in CTF | Expiration: 1hr of time alive in the game.
    * Headquarters Hurricane
    * Sabotage Warrior
    * Domination Warlord
    * Sabotage Colossus

    Assasination Contracts

    * No examples at this time.

    Face Paint (21)


    1. Clean
    2. Stalker
    3. Crom
    4. Highlander
    5. Sidewinder
    6. Mantis
    7. Militia
    8. Apache
    9. Sandman
    10. Zulu
    11. Blitz
    12. Commando
    13. Tundra
    14. Banshee
    15. Dutch
    16. Ranger
    17. Smoke
    18. Black Widow
    19. Death
    20. Reaper
    21. Jester

    Gun Camos

    Dusty - 250cP
    Ice - 250cP
    Red - 250cP
    Olive - 250cP
    Nevada - 250cP
    Sahara - 250cP
    ERDL - 250cP
    Tiger - 250cP
    Berlin - 250cP
    Warsaw -250cP
    Siberia - 250cP
    Yukon - 250 cP
    Woodland - 250 cP
    Flora - 250 cP
    Gold - Unlocked at 14th prestige


    - The very popular zombie co-op mode from WAW has been confirmed to be making a triumphant return in Black Ops.
    - The four original maps from World at War have been cobfirmed to make a return in the "Hardened" and "Prestige" modes from day one. The graphics along with the physics have been updated to the new Black Ops engine.
    - Two new maps have been confirmed to be added to the line up: Kino der Toten, and "Five"(Pentagon).

    Zombie Maps

    Kino der Toten
    - New map for Black Ops, takes place in an abandoned nazi theater.
    - Unlocked from the beginning
    - The weapons that have been seen in play on the new map are a mix of some classics (MP40 has been seen) and new Black Ops weapons (M14, MPL, Stakeout, Olympia, and MP5K)
    - Map incorporates new emplaced sentry weapon, and elevator system
    - Characters from WaW will be making a return in the Kino der Toten.
    - Teleporter, power, and perk machines have been shown to make a return.

    "Five" (Pentagon)
    - New map design for Black Ops, takes place in the Pentagon
    - To unlock you must complete the campaign
    - New characters have been unveiled as John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon, and Robert McNamara.
    - Map design incorporates new elevator design that can be operated for 250 points
    - New special zombie "Pentagon Thief" that steals players load outs

    Dead Ops Arcade
    - Brand new game mode
    - Plays much like a top down version of the classic zombie horde mode.
    - To unlock you must continually press the LT and RT repeatedly until you are free from your chair, go to the computer and type in Rusalka, CD, and then DOA

    Assorted Zombie Info
    - New zombie designs have been shown as new "crawler" zombies, and "Pentagon Thief"
    - New special weapon called the thundergun has been seen in footage.
    - Perk machines, power switches, mystery box, Pack-A-Punch machine, and defensive barriers/posts are all returning
    - Quick Revive has a new attribute in solo mode, when purchased for 500 points you will now have the ability to go down and revive yourself. When you are downed your character pulls out akimbo upgraded 1911s that fire grenades.

    Confirmed Locations --


    Vietnam, Cuba, the Arctic, Laos and Russia

    Confirmed Factions --


    * Studies and Observation Group
    * 1st Cavalry Division
    * USMC


    * North Vietnamese Army
    * Viet Cong
    * Russian Forces


    # 1 Pistols

    * 1.1 M1911A1
    * 1.2 Colt Python
    * 1.3 Makarov PM
    * 1.4 CZ-75
    * 1.5 ASP

    # 2 Submachine Guns

    * 2.1 MAC-11
    * 2.2 Heckler & Koch MP5K Prototype
    * 2.3 Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion
    * 2.4 SITES Spectre M4
    * 2.5 PM-63 RAK
    * 2.6 IMI Uzi
    * 2.7 Walther MPL
    * 2.8 OTs-02 Kiparis
    * 2.9 AKS-74U

    # 3 Assault Rifles

    * 3.1 FAMAS F1 FELIN
    * 3.2 AK-47
    * 3.3 IMI Galil ARM
    * 3.4 Steyr AUG
    * 3.5 Colt Commando
    * 3.6 M16
    * 3.7 M14 Rifle
    * 3.8 Heckler & Koch G11
    * 3.9 FN FAL
    * 3.10 Enfield XL64

    # 4 Shotguns

    * 4.1 Franchi SPAS-12
    * 4.2 Ithaca 37 Trench Gun
    * 4.3 KS-23
    * 4.4 Olympia Over and Under Shotgun
    * 4.5 High Standard Model 10
    * 4.6 Model 1887

    # 5 Machine Guns

    * 5.1 RPK-74
    * 5.2 Heckler & Koch HK-21E
    * 5.3 Stoner 63
    * 5.4 GE M134 Minigun
    * 5.5 M60

    # 6 Sniper Rifles

    * 6.1 Accuracy International Arctic Warfare/L96A1
    * 6.2 Heckler and Koch PSG-1
    * 6.3 SVD Dragunov
    * 6.4 Walther WA 2000

    # 7 Launchers

    * 7.1 RPG-7
    * 7.2 XM191/M202 Grim Reaper
    * 7.3 M72 LAW
    * 7.4 China Lake grenade launcher

    # 8 Miscellaneous Weapons

    * 8.1 Crossbow
    * 8.2 Ballistic Knife

    # 9 Emplaced Weapons

    * 9.1 M60
    * 9.2 M134 Minigun
    * 9.3 Browning M2HB
    * 9.4 Unknown MANPADS

    # 10 Grenades and Equipment

    * 10.1 M67
    * 10.2 Semtex
    * 10.3 Tomahawk
    * 10.4 Willy Pete
    * 10.5 Nova Gas
    * 10.6 Flashbang
    * 10.7 Concussion
    * 10.8 Decoy
    * 10.9 Jammer
    * 10.10 Motion Sensor
    * 10.11 Tactical Insertion
    * 10.12 C4
    * 10.13 Claymore
    * 10.14 Camera Spike

    # 11 Attachments (Note: some of these attachments only work on certain weapons)

    * 12.1 M203 grenade launcher
    * 12.2 Extended Mag
    * 12.3 Dual Mag
    * 12.4 ACOG Sight
    * 12.5 Red Dot Sight
    * 12.6 Reflex Sight
    * 12.7 Masterkey (An undermounted shotgun)
    * 12.8 Flamethrower
    * 12.9 Infra-red Scope
    * 12.10 Grenade Launcher
    * 12.11 Suppressor
    * 12.12 Speed Reloader
    * 12.13 Dual Wield
    * 12.14 Snub Nose
    * 12.15 Upgraded Iron sights
    * 12.16 Grip/Vertical Fore Grip
    * 12.17 Variable Power Scope

    __________________________________________________ _______________


    Black Ops Achievements/Trophies

    Sacrifice - Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba 10

    Death to Dictators - Use a single round to bring down Castro 15

    Vehicular Slaughter - Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break 25

    Give me liberty, or give me death - Escape Vorkuta 10

    Slingshot Kid - Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts 15

    VIP Receive orders from Lancer - 10

    A safer place - Sabatoge the Soviet space program 10

    Tough Economy - Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh 15

    Looks don’t count - Break the seige in the battle of Khe Sanh 10

    SOG Rules - Retrieve the dossier and the defector from Hue City 10

    Raining Pain - Rack up a bodycount of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City 15

    The Dragon Within - Kill 10 NVA with Dragon’s Breath rounds 15

    Heavy Hand - Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement 15

    Up close and personal - Silently take out 3 VC 15

    Double Trouble - Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon 10

    Broken English - Escape Kowloon 10 Bronze NO

    Lord Nelson - Destroy all targets and structures while making yo

    Pathfinder - Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without them getting killed 50

    Mr. Black OP - Enter the Soviet relay station undetected 50

    With extreme prejudice - Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets 25

    Russian bar-b-q - Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW compound 15

    Light Foot - Escape the ship with 2:15 left on the timer in Veteran. 30

    Some wounds never heal - Escape the past 10

    I hate monkeys - Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs 15

    No Leaks - Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island 50

    Clarity - Crack the code 10

    Double Whammy - Destroy both helicopters with one TOW guided missile from the deck of the ship 15

    BLACK OP MASTER - Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty 100

    Stand Down - Complete the campaign on any difficulty 35

    Frag Master - Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade 15

    Sally Likes Blood - Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet 15

    Unconventional Warfare - Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies 15

    Down and Dirty - Complete “SOG” and “The Defector” on Veteran difficulty 25

    It’s your funeral - Complete “Numbers,” “Project Nova” and “Victor Charlie” on Veteran difficulty 25

    Cold Warrior - Complete “Operation 40″, “Vorkuta”, and “Executive Order” on Veteran difficulty 25

    Not Today - Complete “Crash Site,” “WMD” and “Payback” on Veteran difficulty 25

    Burn Notice - Complete “Rebirth” and “Redemption” on Veteran difficulty 25

    Closer Analysis - Find all the hidden intel 15

    Matinee - Watch a film or clip with a friend 15

    Gamblin’ Fool - Finish 5 Wager Matches “in the money” 20

    You can do it - Reach rank 10 in Basic Training 15

    The Collector - In Zombie mode, buy every weapon off the walls in a single game 20

    See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me - Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to revive them from a distance. 15

    Hands Off the Merchandise - Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out 20

    Sacrificial Lamb - Kill 6 zombies after getting shot by a Pack-a-Punched Crossbow bolt 15

    “Insert Coin” - Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade 10

    Easy Rhino - In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at one time 5

    Just ask me nicely - Break free from the torture chair. 15

    Eaten by a Grue - Play Zork on the terminal. 15

    Credits too rowan112 for this vid!

    I want to thank Ik0n from the blackops forum for the original layout and information compiling for most of the list. I also want to thank ios37, MrMurderx1221, Cartonofsmokes, ShaGGy_UK, Ghosthound, HEH Edin, and Cable99 for all of their hard work in helping to update the thread up to date with the latest information, and also keeping the thread alive. Everyone that has helped in suggestions and new information has been a great help and I am glad to see that the thread has helped many people. Keep up the great work guys
    Last edited by BARON; 11-07-2010 at 10:30 AM.

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    I am waaay to lazy to read all of it, but for example Zombies have been confirmed already

    Thx for posting though.


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    *Gosh* no point copying this. no1 gonna read it :P anyways all this is aleridy posted to mpgh. in smaller posts

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    Oh, well i guess it figures, anyway people can read it in this whole thing if needed then....

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    well yeah. but its to much :P

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    Thanks for Sharing. Mate/

    [.Its a litlebit hard to read.]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Diablo View Post
    Thanks for Sharing. Mate/

    [.Its a litlebit hard to read.]
    /yea true. you should edit it and add some space between each
    -start of a new line

    -like this

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    old news is old news

    but, good job with having it all in one place. I agree with what the others have been saying. Change some of the font sizes and colors to make it easier to navigate
    "Life is tough. It's tougher if you're stupid."

    Spiritwo |

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiritwo View Post
    old news is old news

    but, good job with having it all in one place. I agree with what the others have been saying. Change some of the font sizes and colors to make it easier to navigate
    yeah adding color and more spaces and ppl wil maybe read it all

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    Nice thread

    Off topic; WTH is up with the Vote for me for minion sigs The mw2 minions are going to be the Black ops Minions lmao.

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    Well i dont know if i shud say this... maybe more and more ppl want to become minion here.
    Yes some of those mw2 minions wil probaly become BO minions but they wil probally need some.

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    - Aim-Assist can be turned on/off

    Is this for PC or Consoles?

    If for PC dear god save us now!

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    Make it pictures. There is no way in jebus's name I am reading all that shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate View Post
    Make it pictures. There is no way in jebus's name I am reading all that shit
    Same here

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    Quote Originally Posted by candyface View Post
    Same here
    lol, yeah.

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