Hey guys I recently finished up a new game mode for private matched on Black Ops. I find it really fun to play but would like to try it with large amounts of players to test the effects of more people. Heres the basics.

There are two teams (duh)
One team is the soldiers. The soldiers have a large health boost but normal damage. They move at the regular speed and have predetermined classes. The are allowed to use any weapons at their disposal to kill the enemy. Their main advantage will be camping due to their high health. If they rush they will almost certainly die. This brings us to our next group. The ghosts are very fast. They move at light speed when sprinting. This makes their best strategy one of a hit-and-run method. The ghost can use the knife, ballistic knife, and tomahawk to eliminate enemy soldiers. The soldiers will require two hits from any of these weapons to die. This makes the ghosts game harder and evens the playing field a bit. The best method I have found is to knife and immediately follow with a tomahawk to finish a soldier off. You have either 3 lives or one life depending on the amount of players. If I get more than 10 people I will make it one life only. Otherwise it will be three.

If this game mode sounds like something you want to try leave your gamertag below. XBOX ONLY!

(This might be in the wrong section. If so, DON'T TELL ME! Just move it or inform a mod off the thread. I hate having 20+ responses that only request a move.)

I will be hosting a lobby for this game mode as soon as I have enough players. I will invite you to play if you leave your tag. Try to stay online if you want to play for obvious reasons. Thanks guys!