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    wheres my chicken nuggies  mom
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    Dank memes, sweet dreams.

    Oh my dank, dank memes.
    I hope you'll bring me sweet, sweet dreams.

    All the green, fire ass kush,
    Coming straight from that big, beautiful bush.

    Burn down the glass bong,
    And sing yourself a nice song.

    Don't forget to buy the wrap,
    But also roll it in a snap.

    Oh my dank, dank meme,
    You also go up in a smelly steam.

    -Raple 2k16

    Additionally, I buy Fitbit Accounts:
    Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
    I NEED TO HELP PEOPLE IN HOUSTON TX UNBAN ME I don't deserve to be banned ever! I am damn near A perfect users do I look like "Dildotheking" to you guys??? I can see him being banned this long but not me!

    Official News Team (Global News) - June 2017
    Official Publicist - May 2017
    Moderator - May 2017
    Other MMORPGs Minion - May 2017
    Steam Minion - May 2017
    Minecraft Minion - May 2017
    Realm of the Mad God Minion - May 2017

    Demoted for Inactivity - March 2017
    Steam Minion - November 2016
    Moderator - October 2016
    Other MMORPGs Minion - August 2016
    Minion+ - April 2016
    Runescape Minion - March 2016
    Official News Team Editor - March 2016
    Official News Team Interviewer - March 2016
    Official News Team (Global News) - February 2016
    AVA Minion - November 2015
    Minecraft Minion - October 2015
    Realm of the Mad God Minion - July 2015
    Official Publicist - April 2015
    Official Middle Man - April 2015

    I will strive to be GM one day, I swear on that.

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