The default FOV of 65 degrees is far too low for my comfort and results in eye strain and headaches for me. I can easily change this in the campaign and solo zombies with a keybind in the config file, but I have no such luck in online zombies. Today, someone on Steam posted an FOV only trainer for others to use (the forum won't let me post links, so I had to chop this a bit):


It's bog standard Cheat Engine stuff, nothing special. The author claims he's been able to use this with no VAC ban, but I'm skeptical. I'm aware that there is a setting in the config file for VAC that appears to be an on-off switch. Can I set this option to 0, host a private match for me and my friends, and use this trainer without setting off VAC? Does it work safely in public games? In the event I do trigger VAC, am I only banned from Black Ops or all other VAC protected Call of Duty games?