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I was looking for that... I'm not gonna be a noob and ask for it. But is it true that zombies start at 100 hp during the first round and then go up 100 hp each round?
here you go mate
set_zombie_var( "zombie_health_increase", 100, false, column ); // cumulatively add this to the zombies' starting health each round (up to round 10)
set_zombie_var( "zombie_health_increase_multiplier",0.1, true, column ); // after round 10 multiply the zombies' starting health by this amount
set_zombie_var( "zombie_health_start", 150, false, column ); // starting health of a zombie at round 1
set_zombie_var( "zombie_spawn_delay", 2.0, true, column ); // Base time to wait between spawning zombies. This is modified based on the round number.
set_zombie_var( "zombie_new_runner_interval", 10, false, column ); // Interval between changing walkers who are too far away into runners
set_zombie_var( "zombie_move_speed_multiplier", 8, false, column );

those are actual values ingame