I'll explain the problem first:

Apparently, the dolly cam is not as accurate as it seems. When placing markers/cams and the cam move like this directly, it looks different from when it's actually "recorded". When you use the theater mode record feature to capture your dolly cam, the markers actually lag behind, which makes it impossible to create perfectly timed tomahawk shots. Because of this, I'd like to fraps my shots without "recording" the footage first. There's a problem though: when not being recorded, the camera markers and the line between them is still visible, resulting in pure uglyness, basically. Can't record that, it'd just look silly.

So, what I'm asking: is there a way to hide those markers and the lines in between? Since I doubt that VAC is running in theater mode, one could probably write some code that could be injected so one could then hide/show the markers/lines with a single key press. Right? But I don't know shit about that, so I won't be able to do it myself.

Any help with this issue is appreciated.