hello, I am trying to enable
r_lodscalerigid (I guess this one works with just running a map in devmap)

But i actually can't. I run (sp) black ops, i have in my cfg /bind 1 "devmap mp_creek 1" (example) and then i press downarrow (which is binded to disable fullbright and fx_Draw), it done nothing, so i tried the commands manually. but it seems like there is no such command at all (nothing appears when you go to r_full except r_fullscreen). so i thought, f*ck dis, activision/trayrach probably removed these commands from the game and u cant access them now at all. but then i saw something about enabling fullbright in MW3. pretty sure trayarach would not remove fullbrigt and fxdraw in black ops then put it back in the game =P (same engine anywayz).
But it still makes me wonder why i cant see the fullbright thingie
any help?