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    how do i use hacks?

    ok so i run a windows vista and i downloaded the hacks but what do i do with them and how do i use it O_o?


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    Download this hack, it's the latest here in the forum. I personally have used it and it works perfectly. I get an average score of 26/3 (26 kills, 3 deaths). It shows you where the enemies are.


    It is not a program, it is a .dll file. The .dll file contains the hacks, it's a bunch of coding. In order for the hacks to work you need to use an injector (a program) to "inject" the hacks into the game.

    Download winject, before you download it, you will need to disable your anti-virus. My norton picked it up as a trojan and automatically deleted it. Most anti-virus programs detect programs like these as trojans, but they are not. I use winject (downloaded it from this very same link) and it is safe.

    Winject: https://www. me dia fire. com/?zjwtgydjcyd (remove spaces)

    Use winRAR to open the hack, and drag the .dll file into a new folder on your desktop (call it whatever you want, I'll use an example "cookies"). Then, drag "winject.exe" into the same folder, ie: cookies. This just makes things easier and organized.

    Now, start the game. When it's loaded and you're at the main menu where you see your character, right click "winject.exe" and choose "run as administrator," and when it asks you if you would like to allow it deny it, click "Allow." Once winject is started, you will see a two drop down menus, above the first one it says "Target Process." This is the "process" (in this case, the game) you are "targeting" (choosing) to "inject" the hacks into. Click the drop down menu and select "bfp4f.exe."

    Lastly, you will see above the second drop down menu, "DLL to Inject." You are choosing the ".dll" (the hack) to "inject" into the "process" (in this case, the game). Click the drop down menu for "DLL to Inject," and go to the folder where the hack is located. In my case, "cookies" is located in my desktop, go into the folder and select the .dll file. Now all you have to do is click the "Inject. (+)" button.

    This is pretty much how you inject a .dll (hack) into any type of game like this. Usually free games like BF play4free, combat arms, etc. will require you to inject the hacks. When you pay for hacks, they come in a simple .exe file which makes it easier. If you have a hack (a .dll) for another game like this, simply follow the same steps except "target" (choose) the games .exe, and choose the hack (the .dll).

    Hope this helps.
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    I had a good video that I made with 20,000 views on it explaining how to0 inject but youtube removed it. It got removed for violating the terms of us which it really didn't .

    Anyways just use Winject and inject a .dll hack into the process and bam your done. Make sure to run as admin though and also that the hack you have is not detected.

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