Here is how to post a hack file correctly. If you do not follow these rules, your hack will be removed, and your thread will be closed.

Before Posting:
1. Don't post detected hacks. They are of no use and can get people banned.
2. If the hack you are posting is not yours, use the search function and make sure it hasn't been posted already. If you post a hack that has already been posted, we will close your thread and remove the attachment

When posting your must provide proof of your hack. Screenshots or videos are the best ways to do this. To take a screenshot, press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, then open up paint.

Press Ctrl+V to paste your screenshot, then go to file -> save, and save your screenshot.

DO NOT upload your screenshot as an attachment, upload it to a site such as Imageshack or PicDrop, and post the screenshot in your thread. Or, if you prefer videos, upload a video of you using the hack/tool to YouTube and post the YouTube link here.

To ensure the safety of members on the site, you must post 2 virus scans along with your hack. Use VirusTotal and Jotti's Malware Scan to scan your files.

Virus Total:
1. Go to VirusTotal
2. Click on choose file

3. Browse for your file

Click send file, then it will scan your file, and then a new page will come up.

4. Copy and paste the link to the results.


1. Go to Jotti's Malware Scan

2. Click choose file

3. Browse for your file and select it

4. Then click send file, and it will scan the file. Then copy and paste the link to the results.

Reminder, if you are caught faking virus scans, you will be BANNED.

Other things to remember when posting:

If you are leeching a hack, give credits to the person who made it.
Post what injector(s) & operating system(s) you have tested it on.
If you need your post edited, VM/PM/Mention one of the CoD Staff - @Moto @Alex @master131

Happy Hacking! - CoD Staff