Hello, I have been playing a simple game called Moonlight Online it's on facebook. It's simple to hack but i found a part that is not so simple for me as i am very new to this. The game is kind of going downhill and i am curious about certain things about the game so i am trying to get 1. A hack to boost a thing called Meditation Exp on game, as well as 2. A duplication hack. I know how to boost energy, receive gifts and boost exp. The game has no real security except that you need a proxy or so to receive packets. I downloaded a program called QQ for this. I will provide a link to the game in a private message and i would high appreciate it if someone could help me figure out the two things i am looking for. I have been working for a week or so trying to figure it out only to run into dead ends. Thank you for the help provided if the help is provided. Private message telling me how you did it if you succeeded, please and thank you. Have a wonderful day