Hey guys , I have a pp2p connection to reduce my ping (I live in IRAN and the ping here is sh*t) so I have no problem playing online on PC but when I want to play on XBOX ONE I always have lags unless I can share the ping reducer connection.
When I try to share that connection to the XBOX ONE I keep getting these errors:
-Can't connect to your DHCP server
-Couldn't get an IP address
-Can't connect to the internet
every time I try to share the connection I get one of the above errors.
I tried and searched for a solution but none worked for me , So please can you help me ??
any suggestions would be appretiated too .
OS : Windows8.1
I'm connected to the internet using a wireless adaptor and I've connected the XBOX to PC using a LAN cable
if you need any additional info pm me.
thanks all .