I couldnt find a more appropriate section to post this, since it isnt regarding a specific game.

So lately ive been interested in finding aob codes for unity games.

When looking at the dll files with net reflector, its usually rather easy to find the scripts u are looking for because of their obvious names (exp gain, damage taken, etc.).

Now i ran into a wall though since all the important script names( there are hundreds) are possibly encoded and look roughly like this ROFLCOPTOR_diaojfoisajf8329hfdksk.

The .dll is full of references with just those encoded names making it impossible for me to find any exploits.

If anyone is experienced in that field of expertise, i would be thankful for your contribution.

Thank you


- - - Updated - - -

So if noone can help me with this one. Maybe there is a place you can refer me to?
Thank you in advance