I am having a problem with moddingrar o.o
After I back up my original files (putting them on desktop) and then put the other 'mod' files into my game folder, this winrar message appears:
"Write error in the file GUNS_M_PV_AR.rez. Probably the disk is full."
^This is when I was doing the M16A3 to M417 Combat mod o.o
Well, combat arms is in my local disk D and it has a lot of space left so I don't think that's the problem.
And if you guys need to know, there is only a little bit of space left in disk C.
This hasn't happened to me before and btw this problem isn't only with this mod, I've tried other ones and they've done the same. yeahh, I'm not much of a pro when it comes to hacking I guess -.-' So please don't laugh at me D:
PLEASE HELP ME I really want that M417 LOLZORZ.