Looking for a small list of macros made for me and will pay in 25GBP worth of any steam item you wish, heres what I want.

(all need to be perfectly on target)

SG 553 and AUG full auto no recoil macros (most important ones)

no recoil full auto M4A4 macro, (not the ones or one on this forum, a more accurate one.

same with the AK-47

fife seven fast auto shoot macro

tech 9 fast auto shoot macro

glock 18 fast auto shoot macro

mp9 no recoil full auto macro

30 bullet negev full auto macro, (as accurate as you can get it)

all of these need to work inside bloody 5 with my bloody v7m gaming mouse, I run my CS-GO on 1920x1080 and my mouse sensitivity on 2.47 and my x and y at 1000.

give me one of the important ones I mentioned up the top and a few of the list below to show me you can do this to a good standard and I'll give you anything on steam for the price stated then give me the rest after.