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    Exclamation Can't register an account on Ebay!

    Basically I've been trying to make a new account, I started trying last week, once a day and every day since but it wont let me. It comes up with "This page may have moved or is no longer available," & "Daily limit exceeded." I don't know why this has happened and I am the original owner of my laptop and haven't done anything at all to get blacklisted or what ever is going on here.

    Chrome also shows a "Red Lock Icon" which means the following;
    "Your connection to the site is encrypted, but Google Chrome has detected mixed scripting. Be careful if you're entering personal information on this page. Mixed scripting is when a page served over HTTPS loads content over HTTP. It can provide a loophole for someone to take over the page. This could be third-party scripts or videos embedded on the page."

    Please someone help me!!

    Daily limit exceeded:

    User requests to view this page are subject to daily per user limits.

    These per user limits ensure the performance of the eBay web site. You have exceeded this daily limit so access for this individual function will be denied for the rest of the day. If you are using an application to view this page and you wish further access, please contact:
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