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    [READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD] - FAQ - Posts Restricions, Etc

    Hello, everyone. Considering that this section currently doesn't have a sticky regarding this, I've decided to make one myself. Note that this section is only for Suggestions, Requests & Help. If you're looking to get assistance regarding something unusual that has been going on with your MPGH account and such, then you may expose your issue in Account Recovery & Support.

    Allow me to begin by explaining why you should take the time to read this thread of mine instead of simply making a thread about whatever issues/doubts you're facing/wondering about. The purpose of this thread is to reduce the ridicously huge amount of threads that have been being made over time regarding the same issues over and over again. This being said, if you make a thread about a doubt of yours that could've been answered by taking a few minutes to check this thread, it might be deleted as spam. In this case, this is up to Global Moderators+.

    Alright, now let's proceed to start answering to some questions that you guys often have doubts about.

    Question: I can't post links. Can you help me out?
    Answer: Only you can help yourself out. You're required to have at least 15 posts to be able to post links. This is a measure that has been active ever since MPGH was announced in order to prevent massive spam, etc. Do NOT spam to achieve 15 posts as doing so may result in an infraction/ban.

    Question: I can't send private messages (PM's) to anyone. Can you help me out?
    Answer: Once again, only you can help yourself out. You're required to have at least 10 posts to be able to private message other users. This is a measure that has also been active ever since MPGH was announced in order to prevent massive pm's spam, etc. Do NOT spam to achieve 10 posts as doing so may result in an infraction/ban.

    Question: I know I picked this name as my account's username whilst registering my MPGH account, but I don't like it anymore. Can you change my name upon my request?
    Answer: There are only 2 ways this can be done. You need to either become a Premium Member, which you can become by donating $25 to MPGH, (for further information please check this thread), or by hitting 1000 posts. You can request for a name change here. Alternatively, if you feel like you'd like to simply have your account purged and create a new whole account with an available username of your choice, then feel free to request for an account purge here. Also, read this thread before doing so.

    Question: I'm constantly getting notifications about post quotes that I have already checked a while ago. Can you help me out?
    Answer: This is often the result of a cache-related issue or simply a VBullentin issue, which isn't fixable by any of us at all. Anyway, try clearing your cache, refreshing your broswer and see if that resolves your issue.

    Question: I have been scammed by a user of MPGH. What should I do to get him/her permanently banned for doing so?
    Answer: You should make a scam report against the said user in Scammer Grave. Also, make sure to read this thread before doing so.

    Question: There's a staff member whom I think that had an abusive/targeting behavior towards me and I didn't like it. What should I do about it?
    Answer: To start off and furthermore, please make sure that the said staff member was indeed disrespectful/abusive towards you and that you aren't simply exaggerating. By doing so, you'll only not be preventing yourself from looking like a fool, but will also be saving us, Staff, some precious time. Now, before taking action and exposing whatever happened between you and the said staff member publicly, you should try to work things out with the staff member in question. If that still didn't solve the problem, then feel free to make a thread regarding your issue in Staff Disputes. This section is only for serious matters and not for little 'vendettas'. If you attempt to use this section to simply bash a Staff Member, you may be banned for trying to do so. Consider this as your first and last warning.

    Question: I would like to become a Minion in the future. Can you tell me how can I become one?
    Answer: You can become a Minion by applying for the position whenever there's a section in the need of a new Minion and the Staff Administrator, Liz, opens up applications for the spot. However, if you don't regularly visit and contribute to whatever section Liz may open up applications for, then I advise you not to bother to apply for the position. Believe me when I say that tag hunters will be avoided at all cost.

    My doubt/issue has been answered/solved and as such, my thread is ready to closed and marked as [Solved]. What should I do?
    Answer: You can either mention the Global Moderators, which are: @Flengo, @Hero, @Mayion and @BACKD00R to close your thread or you can just simply report it as Solved through the usage of the report button, located under your profile flag, the triangular icon, with an exclamation mark in the middle. @Liz
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