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    I need help

    I need help. I want to sell my account on this forum. But every time I post my account video, the system told me I'm not allowed to post any links, and if I don't put my links in my thread, they told me"Reason: *Nope. You've to post proof of owernship of the said account regardless. (e.g.: screenshots).*"

    And they told me if I need help I can ask administer. But I can't sent visitor mails on this forum? How can I ask them? How can I contact them? This forum is ridiculous, cause they can delete my post in only one minute, but don't tell people how to make it right.

    Have you write this in the rules? I didn't see it, the rules are all about ban ban ban!!!
    This forum is 100% not new player friendly!

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    Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) Marketplace Rules & Guidelines

    Do you see this?^According to it, you should've been infracted for making two Marketplace threads without the required information. I didn't request a Moderator to infract you because you're a new user and I decided to be lenient.

    Now, if you managed to find this section, you could certainly have read this thread which is right 7 threads above yours.

    If you had specified your issue from the beginning, I'd have clarified you right away about it. Not my fault that you didn't tell me you didn't know why you weren't (and still aren't) able to post links.* Note that new users who happen to be scammers often make Marketplace threads without the required information because they don't have whatever item/account they claim to have and expect to get away with it. Anyway, feel free to make a new thread with the required information in the A.V.A. Marketplace. I'll be more than happy to assist you now that I know why you didn't post all the required information in the first place.

    @Flengo, @Hero, @Mayion, move this to the correct section and close it, please. Thank you.

    *You need to have at least 15 posts to be able to post links. Do NOT spam to achieve the required post count, however. For now, you can just put spaces in between the links so the system doesn't recognize them as links and you'll be just fine.
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