Hi guys and girls,

firstly sorry for 2 posts, I originally posted then saw that it needed to go here rather than general.

I've come to you today because a community running an arma 3 server has been poaching our players, we didn't know until today that one of our admins that we took on has been recruiting our players for another server (one who threw out a member for taking $20 for doing some work for our current community rather than giving it to the owner of their community for doing nothing... wtf right?) they have been offering our players donator packages, higher ranks and a lot of other stuff to go over there and play, in most cases I wouldn't batter an eyelid but they are specifically targeting us and taking our players, this ruins it for the players that do remain as our population has halved. its just a dirty tactic and given the people they are I really want to do something, and I need your help...

could anyone answer the following for me;

1 - is there any relatively easy way to get their DaRT password without downloading stuff?
2 - is there any way to gain powers in their TS without being given powers?

I am open to all suggestions from you guys as you're the pro's, what can I do to them? Ideally I'd like to gain access to DaRT and ban players, if they don't get to unban them fast enough they will lose them... players for players (eye for an eye) is my idea here.

some details if that helps;

arma 3 server;
port; 2302

thanks in advance for any help you can provide me with to get back at these player sniping idiots.