Hello MPGH, as you can see I have been on this website for quite some time, and during this time, I have just been using other peoples programs. Two days ago I was looking through the web when I read up on some programming stuff and I thought to myself, "This actually sounds like it would be a fun and new experience", so I had looked around a but more and stumbled upon some programming programs and one looked very interesting to me and that one was AutoIt v3. I really don't like searching through a lot of things to learn how to do stuff, because it is pretty tedious and I get discouraged by the time I find anything. That is where you guys come into play. I was hoping that you guys could help me learning how to program using AutoIt v3. The first thing I really want to learn on it is an AutoStrafer for Half-Life 2 games, and I thought of how to do it, but the best analogy I can think of is knowing how to speak a language but not how to write (which upon further thought isn't an analogy, this is literally what it is) that language. Thank you in advance for reading this and maybe even for helping me out. I hope that this will be my perfect opportunity for giving back to the community.