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    [Suggestion] eBook Approval Guidelines

    The eBook section is a lot better now thanks to the stricter guidelines.

    However, the buyers are still under the misconception that the eBooks are public, leaked or otherwise non-working methods. It would be great to have an eBook Approval Guidelines thread that would serve two purposes:

    1. Make it clear to sellers what they can and cannot sell. This way, mods won't have to approve methods that are leaked or public or overpriced - the guidelines can clearly be stated in a proper thread. That would greatly reduce the stress on the mods that need to go through and approve multiple eBooks.

    2. Make it clear to buyers what kind of eBooks are let through. This way, the customers know for a fact that the eBook they are getting is new and of quality; and, of course, works.

    Just a little suggestion, haha.

    Y'all have a good day

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    Thank you Light for bringing up some valid points about ebook selling/buying.

    A lot of people wait for vouches before they considering buying an ebook, but still valid points were brought up!

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    We can't really make it clearer than it already is. After all, we don't know what methods people are going to try and sell. There are so many possibilities. If we knew it already, what would be the point of selling any eBook?

    When an eBook comes for approval, if the content is already posted on MPGH for free it will be denied. When dumb things are commonly being seen, they will be added specifically in the sticky thread. An example of this is as follows.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLordXYZ View Post
    1. Downloading an APP that asks you to do other things to get the money.
    It's hard to make clearer guidelines because common sense takes a large part in the eBook approval process. Surprisingly, a lot of people don't have it. The approval process on the middleman end is still an ongoing discussion.

    Something that will likely be implemented to speed up the process will be requiring new eBooks to be uploaded as an attachment, or a ******* link included in the initial thread. This way, the eBook will be available for review as soon as the thread is made. Once approved, the attachment/link will be removed.
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