There have been a lot of scammers in the currency exchange section recently, especially impersonators of Gaar / Blank. Nothing can be done against the impersonator since he's most likely not even an MPGH user. There is the option of messaging one another to confirm identities, however most people fall for the old "I've got so much rep, why would i want to lose it now" trick and so they end up getting scammed and the actual user's rep is tarnished.


This is why I believe there should be an up to date black list visible in the stickies that everyone can clearly see and click on the moment they enter the currency exchange section. If it's in caps with an IMPORTANT or similar prefix, then it might at least stop a couple of scams from happening. I believe there is already a blacklist like that kept on MPGH by staff members, so if it was a bit more accessible and available for everyone to see it easily, that would be great.