I'm new at War Thunder (MMO with realistic tanks/planes multiplayer...) and i would like to find a working, non-scam Aimbot/ESP cheat for it, not such things as Infinite money (Impossible because 95% are server-sided) I've found that ********** has a paid one that have ESP,Aimbot and more things but... really i asked how much it cost to the website admin they said 'the 24hours trial is 2.45$ and one year is 150$' I prefer when its lifetime and that cost like 15$ or free, all others cheats for WT that you find on google are scam/fake. I've searched for hours :/
I am searching a free/paid one for lifetime (if paid then 10-25$) that have Aimbot and ESP i am not asking more than these 3 things and with a proof and not virus attached to it pls. It mean it's a .DLL file coded in C++ and DirectX (for the graphics) or only Aimbot (No need esp if it waste your time) that i'll have to inject into War Thunder (WT) then to enable the aimbot, esp it will have a keybind. For aimbot it mean it will make the cursor on the enemie target and for ESP (not needed) will just make the enemy in a bright red color that i can see through walls( wallhack) thanks.

A big thanks to the person who can post a working one there! it would be really super and helpful! (Remember 15$-25$ or 30$)

(Tell me if i do any errors while posting this thread)