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    Trojans. More attention to virustotal scans.

    Hello MPGH forum,
    Firstly, sorry for my bad english, I am from Spain.

    Recently, I have downloaded the PokemonGo-Bot, from Takatsuki's post. (GreenGold (I am not allowed to post links)
    This post, have a virustotal scan, with 0 detections.
    Ok, the problem is, when i entered to this link, the scan was made from the pokemongobot.RAR! FILE!!!

    The malwares scans, NEVER have to be done it from a RAR FILE! Please! They have to be done it from EXE!! FILE!!

    Really, I am very angry with this, because nobody realize it, and a lot of people has downloaded it.

    I have made the scan from the exe file before, and there are 6 detections, and the 6 are from the same trojan variant, perseus. (I am not allowed to post links, and I cant show you, but you can make your own virustotal report from the exe file. (If you dont open it, no problem)

    I request, please, when someone make a post, or copy a post, to verify the virustotal scan.
    In this forum are a lot of rules,(One of them is that i cannot post a link...) and i think that this can be one very important of them.

    Security is the most important thing when you have a computer.

    Please, verify it.

    Thanks for your attention.
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    @paratodo2, those are just simply false positives. Also, users are and will always be required to scan the .rar folder so all the content found inside it can be scanned and not just the executable program itself.
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