I think for Devlopers that are making applets for mpgh.net should be able to ask ports if the input username is a valid one. Withough MPGH.net servers send for example (Username+Password) they could send "Valid" or "Invalid", Disallowing hackers to steal accounts but removing the constent factor of people stealing other peoples hacks or\and posting them on other forums. This should also be able to accsess the user posts. To disable people from other forum users from creating an account on mpgh just to use the hack.

So basicly this is an extreamly rough draft of the code

Winsock2.connect HOSTIP, MPGHport
Winsock2.Senddata("RequestUsername" + Username.txt)

then winsock to listens and goes like this

if winsock2.data = "Valid" then
''Allow person to use applet
''Invalid Username, password and\or Post Limit Too Low."

Of course these sources would have to be viewd to see if it contains any sort of keylogger or records the username or password.

I did'nt do alot of research on security nore do I hack websites, so I don't know if its safe or not. Tell me what you think.