Ever downloaded a virus instead of a hack? Is it tearing down your gaming experience or internet? Look no further! This is the easiest solution to almost all viruses!

But First, these have to be sure:
1. You can Log on yo your desktop screen at least. If its a black/blue screen virus, this guide cannot help you.
2. You have to have a slow computer, or really fast hand.
3. Know what day you got the virus.
4. You are not retarded.

Ok, this is the simple 3 step virus fix.
1. Identify your virus!
If you got it after visiting a pr0n site or another wierd site, it should probably be in:
My Computer>Local C Drive>
Document and Settings>
[Your Log On Name(You'll know what I'm talking about when u get here)]>
[Before proceeding, go to Tools>Folder Options>View, and click "Show Hidden Files", and apply to sub folders as well.
Then you will see hidden files which are colored more lightly than unhidden folders.]Go to Local Settings>
Application Data>
Look for a wierd name such as xxyifxyifsf or something as wierd as one.

Or if its a hack you downloaded, thats probably the virus source.

2. Erase it(The whole folder)

3. After this, the virus won't bother you for a long time. But some viruses leave damage before getting erased, and people might find their internet explorers not working, or etc. If so:
Start Menu>Run> Type msconfig>Run it
you will be on a system menu. Now click on general tab(You shnould be there by default), and press "system restore", and restore your computer to an earlier time. !This part is important, because if you restore to a time when u still had virus, the virus will come back! Make sure to restore to a date safely early enough. Know that, however, if you downloaded anything over this time, it will be erased, so you should transferr to a usb disk first before restoring.

Now Simply restore. Your computer will restart after restoring, and internet explorer or any other system errors should work by now.

4. Now Do these just to be safe:
1.Run Your anti-virus.
2.Delete all cookies/history/objects/etc in your internet options (internet explorer>Tools>Internet Options)

Your computer should be Virus Free by now!

Sorry for the long and confusing explanation... But this whole process takes only 10 minutes max if done correctly (That's why you have to be not retarded)

If internet still doesnt work, erase the whole thing (Control Panal) and Use the Set Up Down Here