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    Hacking and or Modifying Zone 4: Fight District

    Ok,This game has alot of info that i believe is client sided. The Link to the game website is here: Zone 4

    Does anybody know how to modify the following files?:


    Their is a Txt File labelled "StatInfo" Does Anybody know if i could stat hack or whatever you wanna call it since it would be modding instead of hacking by changing this txt file?

    I Don't know where to even start hacking in this game.

    It uses GameGuard and i have no idea how to bypass and before they even had GameGuard, They could detect if CE was open and DC you.

    P.S I'm Not a good Hacker or even a good modder, So Please keep posts as simple as possible, Thnx.!

    Thnx in advance for all the support & Help.!
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