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    [REQUEST]help with CF hack(i need controls)

    yesterday i fiind a nice CF hack called ''xfire21'' it worked untill i restarted my pc,after that wont worked annymore,i think cuz of antivirus deleted some infected files..i reinstalled framework...still nothing...if annyone used it before...please post here what it need to use it( framework..directx etc..)
    or the control to show up hack console...( for mine was F10 ) hack it got :
    wallhack (also see ghost)
    1hit hack
    where to hit (chest,head etc)
    instant weapon recharge
    and more userfull options

    i searched original post..but i didnt fiind it again -.-''...if it was posted sorry.
    here is the link: MediaF / ?112er3o0q3bs6gb (wont let me to post the link)

    Virus total scan: VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

    solved...close please i will post the hack ...for everyone
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