ok lets start.

ALL know mpgh is THE!!! best game hacking forum....
and i realy think MPGH need to have free public UCE.

i want make the free public mpgh UCE. but i got dll compile error (declare?) so i cant realy. i mean, im ready to wast my time to make UCE that get detected in a week or day but i cant.

so , i think im not the only that are ready to do that.

3 solution/idea :
1: mpgh make thier own UCE
2: mpgh help me with my error
3: idea like for example me , jetamay , tom and ZeaS make team that make mpgh free public UCE.

for me , making 1 UCE all week are nothing cause without the compile error ( declare ? ) its so easy to make.

btw, thats the error i got ( dont say " go to cheat engine forum , cause IT SUCK TIGHT )

[Warning] herowarzfunctions.pas(1508): Return value of function 'RewriteKernel32' might be undefined
[Warning] herowarzfunctions.pas(1513): Return value of function 'RestoreKernel32' might be undefined
[Error] herowarz.dpr(21): Undeclared identifier: 'herowarz4'
[Error] herowarz.dpr(22): Undeclared identifier: 'herowarz5'
[Error] herowarz.dpr(23): Undeclared identifier: 'herowarz6'
[Error] herowarz.dpr(24): Undeclared identifier: 'herowarz7'
[Error] herowarz.dpr(25): Undeclared identifier: 'herowarz8'

anyway... what you think about mpgh free public UCE ????