Well a few months ago like months ago i was trading a runescape account on this forum and this guy wracc2 a greed to trade with me he gave me a lvl 17 wr account for my lvl 88 runescape account. One problem he did not give me recoveries he said hed give me the recoveries later if we trated i said ok. i gave him my recoveries and all the credentials to my runescape. he gave me the lvl 17 but with the same old pass and email. he told me he would give me the recoveries later i said ok. so i just asked him and this is what he said

right.. i havent traded in the past few months... i dont play runescape... and ive never seen that email... youve got the wrong person

I can prove that he said this it is in my inbox i can also prove that i took the original screenshots for the runescape account because he is selling the same acc on this forum can i get my acc back?