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    How can I edit directories on my Sanyo Juno phone?

    Hey, for the past few months I've been using my shitty phone's shitty preinstalled web browser to access the net. I upgraded to Opera Mini last week and it changed EVERYTHING. The web was smooth and it was just amazing, now I made another switch. I just installed something called BOLT which doesn't run quite as smooth but it makes servers think I'm on a PC and it generally seems a lot more stable. It can even upload images which will allow me to create threads on my favorite image board, problem is is that my phone denies access to all of it's directories. How can I give this application access or create new ones that aren't all blocked off? Thanks!

    EDIT: "Posting from your ISP has been blocked due to abuse." - Favorite Image Board
    Sigh... Regardless. I still need to know for obvious reasons.

    EDIT2: Figured a way around the block, so I need the directory edit again. Help?
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