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    Solve a lot of senseless questions

    An actual updated status of main hacks should be posted, working non working, debugging, tweaking etc..

    There are so many threads about the hacks and 80% of them should be closed and aren't because of the same questions. If the hacks aren't available for download, even if it is for a few hours/days, it should have the status changed to inactive or w/e the case may be so people actually know at a glance, without having to read 100 threads of "wheres the hacks, I can't download them" to know whats going on.

    It tends to be a bit frustrating, when you try to get a hack, and get bad pages, or empty links. A simple UPDATED status message could change that. Ultra for example, main page says undetected. Yet you go to the download, and POOF, blank page with no download.
    I understand that it "might" be working, but if for whatever reason, it has been removed for any type of update and the downloads of any hack is prevented....

    status change, and noted on the 1st and main pages.

    Meh, what do I know. Just a suggestion.
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