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    Nub 101

    sooo anyway, i am a complete nub to hacking, i can work my way through a computer fine, but when it comes to scripting and codes, well, lets just say the last time i tried my windows me, literally, burst into flames so if anyone has any, per say, command lists, hidden commands or other wise, and/or can teach me some scripts(im trying to make bots LOL), and coding...i figure ill try that after i get my scripts down to a T....or well a disfigured I at least. anyway any help is appreciated, would prefer no flames about bein a nub n such, but ya know i AM one so i expect a few. also was wondering, is it possible to take control of the bandwidth through the cmd prompt? i THINK ive done it before but i have tottally forgotten how to do it
    annnnd hum there was a bunch of other stuff i was gonna ask but i dont think i'll bother right now casue i dont remember what it was i was gonna ask, add be damned. oh! yea, how do i take control of another persons computer w/o the use of that RRA bullshat from microsoft? my friends want help sometimes but msn live is bullshit i hate microsoft anyway i wanna buy linux or apple the second i get enough money, then all my xp's etc are headin to the dump(meaning my basement as spare parts ) alright yours truly
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