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    [SUGGESTION] For all selections!

    Currently I keep thinking why does MPGH have such an bad based sharing method between user's that anyone can basically leech from.

    I have currently thought of a solution that may fix the issue's and allow better hacks and mods to be produced along with TEAM'S.

    Firstly Every major game that has its own selection deserve's TWO new sub-forums and they will be the following.
    The first MAJOR sub-forum will be user's that have been INVITED to have access to an forum called "Coders." just for that type of game. This will be an invite only by either staff OR Coder's that will allow another Semi-coder into the group, however when an Coder chooses to do so they take FULL responsibility of that member they invited to the group with the same results that they do.
    Example; Coder invites Semi Coder, Semi Coder LEECHES, Coder and Semi Coder must resolve the problem or face an kick-out vote which will be an 24hour vote thread and if more then 50% says yes BOTH the CODER and SEMI-CODER are kicked out of the private forum for AT-LEAST 30 day's and must re-earn there way back in and yes you may NOT invite member's that have been removed already.
    A Minimum of 4 hacks released, Unique as-well.
    A Minimum of 250 POST's
    An join date of at-least 6 Month's old OR 3 Month old and over 500 "Thanks"
    An Minimum of 250 Thanks
    No current INFRACTIONS for Scamming, Advertising, ETC within 6 Months and they MUST be CLEARED.
    - Create an Coding Team
    - Coding Team Hacks ONLY FOR CODERS.
    - Code Board ( Idea's and Source Code that is too be kept out of public for an bit OR to remain secret from non-coders. )
    The second Sub-forum will be called "Modders". The same thing apply's here however to JOIN the group you must have agreed to an custom Service Use regarding that and that if you are caught leeching it result's in a Perm Ban from the selection along with an new rank called "LEECHER" which will stay with your MPGH account forever.
    Inside these selections will be
    - Create an Modding Team
    - Modder's ONLY mods
    - Decision Boar ( Vote based forum for poll's to decide releasing special mods )
    5+ Unique Mod's that have to do with Hex/Model Editing OR 20+ High Quality Texture Mod's.
    A Minimum of 50 POST's
    An join date of at-least 6 Month's old OR 3 Month old and over 250 "Thanks"
    An Minimum of 100 Thanks
    No current INFRACTIONS for Scamming, Harassment ETC within 2 Months and they MUST be CLEARED.

    Anyway I hope you like the rough idea, feel free to add suggestions.
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    nice thing but i dont think that this will happen. becausefor example) a prof. c++ programer just made an mpgh account and he mada one very nice hack. ofcourse minions close that tread (if they work on your program) then that new coder will for like 90% leave this site and go to another
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