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    (REQUEST)Combat Arms Hacks

    Alternatively you can buy our Combat Arms Private hack for VIP with the following features:

    Features list:

    * Aimbot
    * Moon Walk
    * Superjump
    * Stair Hop
    * Zoom Modifier
    * Speed Hack
    * No Fog
    * No Spread
    * No Recoil
    * No Breath
    * Wall Hack
    * Chams
    * White Walls
    * Full Bright
    * Bullet Tracers
    * Display FPS
    * Crosshair
    * Boxes
    * Enemy Nametags
    (Can You Try and Hack In and Make like SuperBullets? If u can Ill buy ur Vip ..(Not To Offend.) Game Anarchy Are Total Bitches.. They're Members Sucks Dicks... They are not even Helpful... But They Have Rockin Hacks.. This is Just a Suggestion

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