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    Red face Hi I got a small request

    Okey Hello People :O.
    1st of all i want to say thank all the hackers for making us hack *Crowd Screams*
    2nd thing, i want to say something like If you can make a hack for another game *Isn't downloadable* here's the link Pockie Ninja Game- A Showdown between Naruto and Bleach! i know not many heard of it but i think you'll make a awsome hack for it wooot!

    Here are some ideas

    1.) Stone Hack *AKA* Money Hack
    2.) Gold hack *AKA* Sorta like NX.
    3.)EXP hack *AKA* Experience Points xD
    4.)Synthesis, Echantment % increase: Example 65% ( Without Hack) 100%(With hack)
    5.)RYO hack
    6.)Jades Hack
    7.)Coupon Hack
    The Pictures in the bottom are the things im talking about .

    Thanks In ADVANCED!
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