Hello there
Well, this is my first post & I really wanna congratulate the team & members behind this amazing website
I browsed through all the sections & I can say there's loads of stuff in here for all the popular FPS games. Really stoked to see that.
Well, the reason I joined this site was because I was hoping to find an online hack for Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. For those of you who don't know about this game, well, it's like if Modern Warfare 3 is to PC & XBox, then MC3 is to iDevices.
Now there was a hack by Blizzard which got posted onto the repos & well, that is only a local player hack.
Since the other game hacking sites disregard & forbid online/multiplayer hacking, I couldn't even dare to request a cheat or something of that sort over there. So I had to find out a site like MPGH which could not ban me for asking a multiplayer hack.
And for those who are not in the loop, lately Gameloft resetted all the accounts of cheaters. So I was at level 42 & I had to start from Level 1 again which is indeed very frustrating
And personally, the servers of Gameloft suck big time. Most of the time it fails to save up the XP & when you start again, it pisses you off as it shows you the XP you started with while playing before.
Now, I tried hacking the game by myself & damn, I gotta tell you how badly I sucked at it. I tried modding the hex & indirectly it modded the Wi-Fi mode. So I go and see that stat & guess what? It shows XP required to reach Level 2 is some 9,002,555,621! I mean WTF!? LOL
Well, this is a request from all the iDevice owners. Would really appreciate it if someone could help us out with this one
Thanks & have a nice day incase you managed to read all this crap