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    Exclamation Editing Authui.dll on a 64-bit system

    Hey my friends,

    today i wanted to edit authui.dll file to remove the picture frame on logon screen. I have done it before on the 32-bit system, but after the
    upgrade to 64-bit I wanted to do the same again.

    so i edited the authui.dll in Sys32 and SysWOW64

    in uifile folder, the first 3 folders i added the red text:
    <ZoomableElement id="atom(PictureContainer)" height="0" layout="filllayout()">

    did it on the both authui.dll and all 3 first folders, but first i resulted with blackscreen, second time the frame did not hide. '

    Im open to any ideas and solutions (Using ResourceHacker)
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