albeit the title pretty much explains itself,

i would formaly like to request a forum section for the newly open'd beta released game, Crossfire

The game was originally brought to my attention by a forum member called Hyperion,and i believe it deserves its own section

basically its a CSS clone without the steam spyware attached

GamePlay is excellent,although the graphics department lacks a little TLC its still an awesome game and the gameplay modes are amazing for anyone who loves a good FPS game.

its also been engine modified to work on older computers(hence the reduced graphics (EYE CANDY). so any of you should be able to have a crack at it.

there are also several ways to power level i have found if u wish to be able to use ranked locked gear/weaps ect, like the ak47 (which is awesome from my expierence with it in Crossfire)

also spas12 shotty is overpowered at the moment, so that means easy kills if u want to spend 45000 GP lol

Section Please, There is alot to be Discussed

Thanx for atleat taking the time to read this ;)