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    Hello everytime i goto to this site this happens.

    This happens every 4 or 5 minutes on being on aqw hacks and cheats forum. is that that crazy or what. i love this site a bunch but i keep getting trojans horse php backdoor c99 shell something like that could the admins fix this error or virus? that trys to attack me I'm kinda scared lol.

    I would love to stick with the site but everytime i go on the aqw cheats and hacks forums this trojan comes up and avg has to removed it.

    And also i need one more request i get a internal error on my aqw private server when i goto playnow and its a x.g. server so if you guys could fix this trojan horse problem and maybe help me with my aqw server i would be glad to donate 5 dollars in paypal.

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    I can for sure say this has nothing to do with MPGH. But, how can a GIF file be a Trojan Backdoor? Try following the path to the gif file and see what it is.

    To me it looks like some fake popup that wants you do think you have a virus.

    Try downloading a better AV. Get a trial of Malwarebytes and do a full scan, AVG isn't too good.

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