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    Lightbulb GTA IV keeps crashing without normal reason

    ok hello pouple from mpgh agian. i got an askion and a problem that needs to be solven.

    but please dont ban/mute me if i do something wrong in this/outside this post, please gife me a warning/delete my post if i do
    something wrong with it or i placed wrong. thanks.

    this is the problem:

    i tried over 8 different solves even reinstalling my gta but nothing seems to work.

    [i got low graphics+modded cars but i dotn save the game ever even with modded cars]

    my video card is low but my proccessor/driver/ram is good so i dont know what the problems is.

    i got this problem most time when i play multiplayer freemode/all other games and sometimes singleplayer.

    please... some 1 help me witha solution, thanks

    p.s. if some one got a progam that boosts my GTA IV fps/make it less laggy;
    please pm me i can use that kind of scripts/progams.


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