I am not positive that this is the rite place to post this but I am looking for an experienced hacker to create a hack for me in a fairly simple game. It is called Battle Grounds 2 1.2.1b It is a mod for for css that uses orange box tools and it is a fairly easy game. it is based off the American revolution with one side being American and the other British. the focus point of this game is bayoneting a good bayoneter can kill 10 people by himself if they all come at him 2 or 3 at a time. I am looking for a sort of aimbot that will stab at the exact time they are in the maximum range of my bayonet. British have longer bayonets than Americans so that's another thing to look at. I would need somebody good who could make this or if there is something already out there but I will say Battle Grounds is considered to be a un hackable game.