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    DayZ StandAlone by agent115 Is a HOAX!

    Today @agent115 posted a new thread with the name DayZ StandAlone!

    In the thread he said that his friend got his hands on a copy of the standalone edition!
    So I was like "Sure, Maybe it's true". I added him on skype and told him I wanted a "Copy" of the standalone.
    He sent me the .rar file and he told me to run the .exe that was inside the folder. So I did! BUT! My virus program started to scream and telling me it is a virus!
    I asked him why he sent me a virus. He told me that he doesn't know what I am talking about. Because it worked out for the other people he "helped" with the "game".

    So I told him to stop lying and so on. But then I was completly stupid to believe in him and ran the file again. Then my computer started to lagg. I couldn't open any program. So I told him to fuck off and leave the forums.

    When I scanned my computer after virus I was in chock. It found almost 50 different kinds of viruses. All of them were from this "standalone edition" or whatever he called it.

    So I demand some kind of warning. Or maybe I have to suit myself for being so stupid?

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    This is why you don't trust files accepted through skypes or any other suspicous stuff... Next time be careful.

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