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    [New section suggestions] DRUGS

    I've made this post before, I'll make it again because I wasn't happy with the answer.

    There should be just a section for drugs under entertainment. In that section you can share experiences, seek advice, find out what's right for you and just anything concerning drugs.

    Now last time I created this thread I was told "there already is one (insert link for reefer club here)"

    A reefer is a weed smoker, so hence the reefer club would be a stoners hangout.

    Basically I want to see a broader drugs section added, instead of targeting one area.

    Bad idea good idea? Just let me know if you guys think its good or not. I believe it's a good idea because it can introduce a new audience to MPGH and can give a me hangout area for some. It could also be bad because there are many kiddies around here who might stumble upon the section and think (wow all this seems amazing, I'm gonna buy a tab of acid). I guess it's up to the people who run this show.

    Even if you just give it a trial to see the response.
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    The reefer subsection isn't even that active. Why would we add another similar one to be even less active than the current one?

    In technical terms, sure you may be right. But the reefer club serves for all drug discussion or you being high in any case or matter.

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